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Russ Hewer

My name is Russell Hewer and I am the founder of Tailored Tours UK. I have extensive experience, knowledge and enthusiasm about the history and culture of the UK and this has allowed me to develop a travel program that will fit exactly with your individual requirements.

Surprisingly, I started out as a Chartered Mechanical Engineer more than 35 years ago where I progressed successfully up the career ladder to take up senior marketing and media roles. I then used my sales and marketing skills in the heath and fitness industry, another area that had long been of interest to me. I became so inspired that I established my own health and fitness company. Some time later, I than ran into some personal challenges, including the chronic illness and eventual death of my young daughter and the demise of my business followed. I was forced to re-evaluate my life and became a life coach offering personal, professional and spiritual guidance, an area where I continue to be active.

Avebury Sacred Site

I began to supplement my work with some chauffeuring activity and found that the diversity of the people that I met was both fascinating and compelling. European, American and Canadian clients that I had driven to London airports soon requested that I take them on longer tours since they were impressed with my knowledge on many aspects of the UK e.g. historicalculturalspiritual and scenic. My clients liked me and word of mouth referrals led to more requests, so here I am with my own touring business.

I now have many years of chauffeuring experience and my business skills have helped me to organise complex tours and challenging schedules. I believe that in a small tour group the relationship with your chauffeur can be of critical importance. On this count, you will find that I am good humoured, calm, patient and understanding with a flexible and amicable approach. I can be as involved or as detached as you wish. I will provide you with reliable and safe transport and I have an excellent safety record. I also have extensive networks of people for any specialised requirements you may have.


Russ Hewer

Why Choose Tailored Tours

I describe my tours as ‘tailored tours’ and this is exactly what they are! They are tailored to match exactly what you want, set within the context of my own considerable experience of the UK. They can be confined to a ‘niche’ area of interest such as your wish to see all the important landmarks in London, a specific focus on following ‘your’ own historical roots or a ‘romantic’ trail across the UK. I am licensed with the local authority, South Oxfordshire District Council to carry 6 paying guests so you can be rest assured that I am fully insured and inspected to meet their requirements.

Tours can also be diverse, such as a mixture of historical, cultural, spiritual and scenic sites, going all the way from John O’Groats to Lands End (opposite ends of the UK). The idea is that you give me an idea of your ‘wish list’ or your specific interests and I will provide you with informed suggestions and a structured and detailed itinerary. All arrangements will be mediated by me and I will provide you with a service that can truly take the pain out your well-deserved vacation.

I have a real interest in the major events in British history and have gained extensive knowledge from visiting historical sites, from London sites to the lesser known but often more fascinating area of the other parts of the UK. I have a personal interest in the Arts including culinary, from West End theatres to opera, from famous works of arts to performing arts and from Michelins star restaurants to micro-breweries.


Have a look at the following video about my sister company Sikkim Tours which can provide you with tours of the Himalayan mountains. This was taken in January 2019 trekking up to my personal Buddhist cave retreat at 15,000 feet in the Kelep Valley, North Sikkim approaching my 60th birthday.


Who Are My Clients

  • Business people with only a few hours to spare who would love to see the most important sites in London.

  • A family, or small group, on vacation having a longer time to experience the many sites across the UK at a more leisurely pace.

  • A newly wed couple who want to experience Britain and have a wonderful honeymoon in the most romantic places and hidden treasures.

  • Those of you wishing to explore their ancestral roots tracing from Scotland, Ireland, England or Wales are most welcome!

  • Retired persons wanting the ease and comfort of having everything organised, but who do not want to be hoarded onto crowded buses to see only official tourist sites and who would rather not drive.

  • A sports enthusiast wishing to combine his specialist activity with the highlights of our wonderful country.

  • Groups of friends who want to spend quality time with each other in a setting away from home.

  • Business colleagues who want to bond with each other in activities that don’t include paint balling, rock climbing or other death defying activities!

  • Ardent enthusiasts who have visited many other countries but have been saving the best until last!


Whoever you are, and whatever your circumstances, Tailored Tours can create a schedule that will suit your needs.


Cotswolds Tour with a client
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