Ford Galaxy Titanium X.png

The Galaxy Titanium X is the most modern and top of the range MPV (Multi Person Vehicle) designed by Ford for carrying 7 people including the driver. It has heated seats in the front with separate climate control for passengers in the back. The all-drive intelligent system gives all round smooth driving especially on motorways and new clients always mention this on their first trip. The high platform and panoramic sunroof provides the ideal vehicle for touring, looking over hedgerows to see the British countryside. 7 charging points, one for each person are available for charging smartphones and tablets togther with an intergrated car wifi hotspot ensures that eveyone can be connected for business and personal needs.


I can pick you up from all major London airports to your hotel or cruise liner. I can take six paying guests and there is ample space for lots of luggage not commonly available with saloon cars. Please email me for a quote stating your pickup location, your drop off location and the number in your party including the amount of luggage.