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Bespoke Tours for Foreign Nationals

TripAdvisor in 2019 has just given London as the best and most interesting city to visit in the world.

Nine year ago, I was tasked with a providing a 3 days tour of London and other attractions in the UK for a group of Sudanese educationalist. They were liberal, interested in our history and above all, open to new experiences. Our first day comprised of London, seeing The Changing of the Guards, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, The British Museum and The Houses of Parliament.

We take London for granted but it has so much to offer in terms of cultural diversity, food, art, lifestyle and tourist attractions. We wanted to get some mementos for their visit to the UK so we went to Westfield Shopping Centre, then Camden and then lastly, Southall. It wasn't until we got to Southall, that the price of goods available became affordable.

Being strict Muslims, I had to find authentic halal meat restaurant which was Chaudhry's in Southall. I have a passion for authentic Indian food so the best foods are in Southall and Sparkbrook, Birmingham. Its hard to get good south Indian food in the UK so I will be blogging about my best Indian restaurants in the UK at a later date including a Michelin star one.

If you want to have a bespoke tour for a group then please email me at

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