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Castle Combe - One of the top three most beautiful villages in the UK

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

In the UK, we have a saying and that this village is a chocolate box or a picture postcard. In Victorian times, beautiful country scenes were depicted on the lids of chocolate boxes. Since the advent of the penny black, the world's first stamp used by the Royal Mail, the people of the UK would send their relatives and friends a postcard with a typical country scene from a village or town that they had been to and would write on the other side, "wish you were here"!

The village takes it's name from a nearby castle and combe refer's either to a steep, narrow valley, or to a small valley or large hollow on the side of a hill.The village has three roads leading to the centre. Park the car near the public toilets and walk up to the centre of the village as there is limited parking available there. If parking is busy there then take the road up the hill on the other side of the village to a small car park which is free.

During the peak season from June to August, it becomes a popular destination for Bath and Stonehenge bus tours out of London as it's in close proximity to the M4. For this reason, I would recommend that you try to get here early in the morning or later in the afternoon. The light is particularly beautiful at these times especially if you would like to get some great photos. The stone seems to become iridescent and the village a little moody at this time of the day. I include this village as a stop when I have my Stonehenge tours if my clients do not want to go to the Cotswolds, especially if the tour starts and finishes in London.

Allow only 30 minutes to come here and walk the road near the river By Brook and look around some of the antique shops. The Castle Inn has a great reputation for traditional pub food and on a summer's day, you can have a quick pint outside watching the world go by.

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