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Royal Ascot

This years Royal Ascot is Mon, 17 Jun 2019 – Sat, 22 Jun 2019

Ladies day at Royal Ascot is an institution that started in 1711 and was founded by Queen Anne who hosted the first race called Her Majesty's Plate which did have a prize of 100 guineas. Every year since the reign of Elizabeth II, our present Queen, has opened the event by riding a horse drawn carriage down the course before the first race. She loves her horse racing and own's many horses herself who have raced this event.

You have the opportunity to make many different types of entrances with various modes of transports such as a traditional horse drawn carriages sometimes complete with trumperter. Many people come here in New York cabs, stretched limos, classic Rolls Royce, sports cars and there's a fun atmosphere before the race starts. Ladies day is on a Thursday of the week and it's about showing off fashionable clothes and some are outrageous but they still have to conform to strict standards laid down by the organisers. There are three levels of admission, Royal Enclosure, Queen Anne Enclosure (Grandstand) and Windsor Enclosure (Raceside)

I have been coming here with my clients for nearly 21 years, sometimes dining with them in the car park and taking part as a spectator or at lease driving them to the venue. It's a great event to try a traditional British event with royal patronage and to see all walks of life.

Royal Ascot with Russ Hewer
I'm fourth from the left

I've been a raceside and the grandstand but never in the royal enclosure. I tried my hand at betting using the outer area called the bags. I'm more into the atmosphere and the occasion then the racing but having a flutter is fun.

You can have a corporate lunch in the enclosure but I prefer tha rustic al-fresco eating in the car park providing your own food at a picnic. There are some eccentric British people that provide very elaborate picnics with candelabre, ostentatious chairs and amazing crockery and cutlery. I have a couple of examples to show below that have happened in the past with me in the car park.

To start, The Queen's horse drawn procession commences at 2pm so you need to finish eating at 1pm as it can take a 30 minute walk to get to the racecourse and get settled in. There is plenty of champagne and wine on sale in the enclosures and you can take your own picnic in the certain parts of the racecourse not just the car park, allowing one bottle of champagne or wine per person. Details are shown here

Lisa shows her expertise at deciding the form of the horses with her extensive experience and knowledge of the industry. This is typical of most of the people who go who sometimes have never bet on a horse and it's their first time. I was introduce to the placing a bet by a friend and on my first occasion I was up by £60

If you want a fun and great day at Royal Ascot then look no further than getting me to organise it for you. I try to get into the atmosphere myself and I can guarantee fun pack day with an attention to detail. Just don't ask me to pick a winner for you, you'll likely to lose all your money.

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