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West Usk Lighthouse - Voted as top ten places to stay in the UK

Updated: May 11, 2019

West Usk Lighthouse has been voted by many national papers and periodicals as one of the top ten most romantic places to stay in the UK. It's my favourite place to stay because it's quirky, individual and is very comfortable with beautiful seascapes. I have been coming here for over 16 years and have been using it for my clients who want to visit Wales and the West Country. I did a tour of Norman castles in Wales for an American history society and they absolutely loved this place. When I first came here, I was a client of Frank and Danielle who own the lighthouse but now I have become friends and have looked after the lighthouse when they are away on holiday.

10 years ago I had my 50th birthday party here and I remember the amazing commercial firework display that evening put on for me. So what makes this individual, it has a Darlek and a Tardis for those Dr Who fans out there. You change in the Tardis for the hot tub and surprisingly it the same size on the inside as the outside so only one person can change at a time. The hot tub is good for 4 people and each seat has a different positions. My favourite is the one to the top left where you can lie down watching the estuary tide and the sky. It has a meditative quality but don't forget to bring a towel from the room as it can be cold when you first get out.

There are 4 rooms to rent on a bed and breakfast basis and each one has it's own personality. There is the master lighthouse keeper with the blue and white stripy seats and waterbed, a four poster bedroom, a family room and a cabin room.

My favourite room is the one above, where you get out of bed and open the shutters and just watch the views of the tide come in on the estuary. The estuary has the second fastest tide in the world. I make a cup of tea using the room's facilities and sit of the stripy seat just watching the sea. There is fast broadband throughout the lighthouse so I can work from my laptop and with my other devices on the garden terrace still watching the same beautiful seascape.

There is a sitting area in the lamproom which is a great hideaway to read a book or have some peace and quiet. The West Usk Lighthouse was built in 1821 by Scottish architect, James Walker. It was his first venture, but he later went on to build another 21 lighthouses. Just click here to find out more about it's history.

Frank is famous for his hearty breakfast which is full English but he always caters for vegans and vegetarians. The long drive is a little challenging to find especially in the dark so turn left at B&B sign (which is on the right next to small cattle bridge), follow long, winding & bumpy road (marked "THIS IS A PRIVATE ROAD") and do not go down Green Lane or Pont Estyll Lane as per some Sat Nav instructions. You might have to open a 5 bar gate that's sometimes closed.

Frank and Danielle Sheeham

West Usk Lighthouse

Lighthouse Road

St. Brides Wentlooge


NP10 8SF

Tel: 01633 810126

Cost: £££

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