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Clarkson's Farm Tour

I've been doing Cotswolds tours for nearly 20 years but when I saw the recently released series by Jeremy Clarkson about his own farm in the Cotswolds, I became addicted to watching it back to back and couldn't stop laughing out loud. It's the best factual series on TV and certainly the most popular with an IMDb rating of 9.3 and shows how hard farming is and how much weather plays in the farms profits.

You will either love him or loathe him with his less than PC moments but most people I know who do loathe him seem to forgive him as they are transported to a little known farm called Diddly Squat near the village of Chadlington.

The Cotswolds is an area of outstanding beauty and in the series you have moments that inspire you with great cinematography in high definition especially the rolling hills at sunset when harvesting the crops.

In this tour comes a visit to the Diddly Squat farm shop saving you a long walk down the road as there is no parking on the verge anywhere near the farm. You will remember from the series that people were parking on the verge and causing chaos but now the police have put up "no parking cones". You may still have to wait in line but I will try to get you there just before opening time to ensure you get in as quick as possible.

The product range comes complete with Clarkson's own unPC titles:

This smells like my bollocks scented candles

cow juice 24/7 local milk

Jeremey's Go Nuts nuts

The tours also includes a visit to the local village of Chadlington to see:

Slatters Butchers

Chadlington Quality Foods

Chadlington Village Shop

Cafe de la Post

....and then onto Chipping Norton to see:

Station Mill Antiques

The Yellow Hat Tribe

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shop

Jaffe and Neale Bookshop and Cafe

Chipping Norton Museum

and then to:

Hook Norton Brewery for a beer and tour or

Fairytale Farm for Kids to make sure the kids are still happy

For me the star of the show is the no nonsense Kaleb Cooper who is the farm manager and doesn't treat Jeremy as a celebrity and gives him some words of advice normally in single syllables.

There's plenty you can do to enjoy a day out in the Cotswolds, so please contact me and I can design a bespoke or tailored tour for you.

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