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Jane's Enchanted Tea Garden

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Jane's enchanted tea garden is a unique and quirky tea garden adjacent to the Oxford canal which provides a rural, restful and tranquil location. Jane has a small holding with her own cows to provide milk for her wonderful homemade cakes, ice cream and scones. She grows her own vegetables and sources all other produce locally, serving fresh items on her menu all the time.

This is a place for children, and they love the birds, the bubble guns, the bunting and willow arches. It’s has a sense of a magical kingdom that doesn't relie on Disney but a traditional British quintessential past, more like a Five goes to Devon without lashings and lashings of ginger beer. This remote eatery is now more popular than ever before, so you need to book beforehand to have the Full Jeeves or turn up early on the day for all other items on the menu. It only has outside seating so check the weather beforehand, click here for the 14 day weather forcast:

It's only opens from Easter to September for two weekends per month, for further details and to confirm the dates of opening and times, please see their website:

There are more beautiful pictures available on their website:

There is no parking outside, so you must park the car in the main road and walk down Mill Lane. It’s a hard place to find so please use the Google Map below. Only call the mobile when they are not open.

Janes Enchanted Tea Garden

Mill Lane




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