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Most Romantic Hotel in the UK

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

I first came here about 17 years ago when I did a tour for 4 Canadian business women including Jackie Rowe of the Garlic Box in Hansall, Canada. We all fell in love with the charm and individuality of a 1929 art deco hotel which retains all the features of that era.

Jackie Rowe's first visit to Burgh Island Hotel
Jackie Rowe of The Garlic Box

Jackie and her business friends ended up remembering that day as the most memorable of their 10 day tour. Every year since that time I have organised dinner as part of my south Devon tour to this amazing place and got to know Gary who works in the bar and he has been there over 30 years under many different owners.

Every day of the week is now black tie for the men and flapper clothes for the women with dinner and dance normally complete comes with a crooner or big band and some try the Charleston.

Famous people stayed here in the past as a bolthole from London including Agatha Christie, Noel Coward, Amy Johnston, Winston Churchill, Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson and many more. You can ask Gary who has many stories about living here and what went on behind close doors

The food has improved with a chef from Australia and the hotel was extensively refurbished about 12 years ago. New ownership recently, has invested in further refurbishment to bring all rooms to an immaculate condition whilst preserving the charm and decadence of the period.

For more details about Burgh Island Hotel and my 1930's nostalgia tour, then email me on

Burgh Island Hotel

Bigbury on Sea




Cost: £££££

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