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The Slaughters Manor

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

The Slaughters Manor is located in Lower Slaughter in the Cotswolds, west of Oxford in the UK. It's built of traditional yellow Cotswold stone and has a comtemporary interior with modern convenience. It has a great restaurant equivalent to a rising star Michellin which I have sampled during the depths of winter. On a summer's day, there's nothing better that having afternoon tea outside on the lawn or a cream tea amongst the trees that are over 200 years old shaded from the sun under a sun umbrellaa and at the same time, seeing people try out croquet on the front lawn.

Afternoon tea is a British tradition which comprises of scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream. Clotted cream originally comes from the dairy county of England called Devon and is milk that is thicker in consistency to double cream which is produced by steaming it. Its like a soft paste but is very tasty and compliments the jam. It's traditional to cut the scone and spread the clotted cream on first and then the jam. Afternoon tea also comprises of crust cut bread sandwiches called fingers with various fillings such as smoked salmon, cucumber, watercress or egg salad. Pastries and small cakes comes with it too and are presented on a 3 tier cake stand.

The tea is loose leaf so use a tea strainer and make sure the teapot is heated beforehand before pouring the water in which infuses the tea more thouroughly. The British have always used milk in their tea.

To get to the hotel, plese click on the google map below and follow the directions.

The Slaughters Manor House

Copsehill Road

Lower Slaughter



GL54 2HP

Cost ££££

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Mar 12, 2019

Very smart, I would love to to stay in there one day.


Mar 11, 2019

This is a wonderful place to go and I would love to go to it.

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